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Toughest DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

We discovered or rather stumbled across a waterproof phone some years ago. It wasn't immediately obvious how useful they could be, but we now find them indispensable. Whether around the home, garden, garage or pool, it's great to have a really tough cordless phone. Unfortunately most aren't, they are more slippery than a bar of wet soap and unlikely to survive even a minor fall, but there is one brand that's got it right.

There is only one brand that has done justice to the waterproof phone. Uniden waterproof cordless phones are built to survive the rigors of daily life around the house, garden, garage ... and still look cool. There are more stylish phones, but none that you can safely use in wet areas.

Uniden Waterproof Phone

Tough Phones

Everyone needs a rugged cordless phone, whether or not they plan on taking it in the shower, pool or spa. In fact they are an excellent present for the person who has everything. It's very unlikely that they already own a waterproof cordless phone.

Uniden Waterproof Phones

Uniden phones have no serious competition. The latest models are DECT 6.0 phones, but there is also a 5.8 GHz phone as well accessory handsets that can be connected to existing Uniden phones.

There are alternatives that are descibed as being splash resistant. It's important to note that Uniden phones aren't just splash resistant. They can be totally immersed in water and will actually float.

Uniden UNIWXI3077 Waterproof Cordless Phone

The latest Uniden waterproof phone is the UNIWXI3077. It's a submersible waterproof cordless phone With caller ID and speakerphone. In addition to the usual features that we expect from a Uniden DECT phone: excellent range, clear sound and no interference, it's a rugged cordless phone. It's rubberized exterior is non-slip making it almost impossible to drop. However, if it is dropped from waist height onto concrete or other unforgiving surface it's almost certainly going to survive.

Unfortunately most cordless phone reviews give hardly any weight to whether or not a phone is rugged enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use around the home or office. In our view the highest cordless phone ratings should be reserved for phones that are not just stylish and scratch resistant, but tough as well. Ideally they should be indestructible.

While having a striking appearance the UNIWXI3077 doesn't look industrial. In fact it's color scheme is better suited to the home environment than most of the black, grey and silver options that the cordless phone manufacturers dish up. Another up-side of the phone's appearance is that the handsets are almost impossible to lose.

It's obvious from the first glance that this Uniden waterproof cordless phone is a well constructed, but in addition it has a full compliment of features:

  • Expandable to six handsets
  • Backlit display and lighted keypad
  • Handset speaker phone
  • Phonebook - 70 names and numbers
  • Ring tones - 20 to identify callers by sound
  • Belt clip

As for the negatives - no integrated answering machine and no headset jack. These are unlikely to be deal breakers especially if you use voicemail.


For anyone who needs to stay in contact wherever they maybe around the home a Uniden WX13077 could well be the best cordless phone they have ever owned.

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