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Vtech Cordless Phone
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Selecting a Vtech cordless phone can be a confusing business. There are dozens of models and many of them have the same or similar specifications. To assist you in finding the best Vtech phones we have reviewed the top rated models listing their pros and cons.

Overall Vtech cordless phones are excellent value for money. They are reliable, attractive and competitively priced. In fact they are some of the cheapest cordless phones. On the other hand they are seldom at the leading edge of cordless phone technology, but that's clearly not a problem for millions of satisfied customers who simply want a phone that keeps working.

Vtech Cordless Phone Reviews

The latest Vtech phones are all DECT 6.0 phones. As a consequence users experience few if any issues with interference and can talk for hours and hours without needing to recharge handsets.

Current Vtech Phones - 2017

Vtech Cordless Phones

#1 - the CS6419 and CS6429 are two of Vtech's top selling cordless phones. They are almost identical except the latter has a digital answering machine and the other doesn't. They are basic cordless home phones.

CS series phones are inexpensive and minimalist: no talking caller ID, call ID blocking, battery backup ... or headsets jacks. On the other hand they are highly expandable - up to 12 handsets. They are also the first generation of Vtech cordless phones to use standard AAA rechargeable batteries instead of Vtech battery packs.

It's a highly competitive niche but one in which Vtech holds its own against Panasonic, Uniden and the rest.

Comparing Panasonic with Vtech phones.
Vtech Cordless Phones

#2 -the VTech LS6475 is Vtech's headset cordless phone. Their specs and features are almost identical to many other Vtech phones. The main difference is a cordless DECT 6.0 headset designed to enable hands free communication. It can be attached in various ways, has excellent range and can be used all day without requiring a recharge.

Vtech manufactures almost identical headsets for ATT cordless phones. They are comfortable and very convenient for anyone who needs to mult-task around the home.

The Plantronics CT14 cordless headset phone is the benchmark in this niche. It's a wearable cordless phone with a miniature dial pad that can be used to dial out as well as answer calls.

Vtech 2 Line Cordless Phone

#3 - it's hard to find a more affordable 2 line cordless phone than the VTech DS6151, but don't take that as a red flag. It's a solid phone at a bargain price. It's also more expandable than a several more expensive alternatives - up to 12 handsets.

The areas where this Vtech cordless phone does fall short include: the absence of a headset jack and a phonebook with limited capacity - just 50 names / numbers.

Panasonic and Uniden take the 2 line cordless phone niche very seriously. Each has multiple 2 line phones that cover a range of requirements.

Vtech Bluetooth Cordless Phones

The DS6421 is another example of a Vtech cordless phone that despite being cheaper than alternatives is hard to fault. Users love the convenience of automatic pairing and the ability to answer cell phone calls with a landline phone and visa versa.

The DS6421 incorporates several features first introduced by Panasonic: voice announce (Panasonic's talking caller ID) and high definition audio. Is it better than Panasonic's latest Bluetooth cordless phones? Its features aren't as comprehensive, however it's more expandable which maybe a consideration for some: 12 vs. 6 handsets.

4 Line Cordless Phones

While the ATT SB67118 carries the ATT brand name it's actually a Vtech cordless phone. It's a state of the art 4 line DECT phone with features including Push-to-Talk and optional range extenders. In addition to using the latest cordless phone technology repeaters enable it to achieve impressive coverage and overcome issues with blind spots.

The SB67118's only competition comes from a fairly antiquated 5.8 GHz Panasonic cordless phone that is well past retirement age.

Cordless Phone Batteries

Belatedly Vtech has given in to consumer demands. It's latest phones use standard re-chargeable AAA's. Consumers no longer need to buy expensive proprietary Vtech cordless phone batteries.

Vtech obviously dragged its heals in making the decision. With tens of millions of Vtech phones around the world one can easily see that the replacement battery business was a serious money maker. In the end there was no choice because Vtech's main competitors had already moved and consumers were obviously delighted.

Vtech Corporate Background

Vtech cordless phones are manufactured by the Hong Kong based Vtech Holdings Ltd. The company was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of consumer electronics. Its focus today is on cordless phones, educational learning toys and contract manufacturing. The company's manufacturing base is in mainland China.

Vtech and AT&T Cordless Phones

In 2000 a division of Vtech, Advanced American Telephones (AAT) acquired Lucent's consumer telephone manufacturing operation. It also entered into a licensing arrangement to sell VTech phones under the AT&T brand name.

Since 1990 when the first Vtech cordless phone was manufactured the company has grown explosively. It's enormous factories in southern China not only produce Vtech branded phones

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Top of Vtech Cordless Phone Pros and Cons

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