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Uniden Cordless Phones
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Uniden cordless phones are amongst the best. The challenge is to identify the latest models and niches where Uniden phones stand out from the pack. It's a challenge because Uniden manufactures an extensive range of phones and updates them regularly. The following table will hopefully assist in navigating the maize and identifying the best cordless phones to meet your requirements.


Long Range Cordless Phones

For many of us DECT 6.0 phones eliminated most of the problems we had been experiencing with cordless phone range. But they also enabled us to inexpensively add more handsets and put them in the remotest corners of our homes. In fact many of us have put them outside our homes in workshops, near a pool or attached to a belt when working in the yard, visiting neighbors or walking the dog. As a consequence we are once again pushing the limits which has resulted in a growing interest in long range cordless phones. Uniden has come up with two excellent solutions.

Uniden Cordless Phones

Uniden's DECT3380-3R comes with a handset charger base incorporating a range booster. When placed at the outside edge of a system's normal range it will increase coverage by up to one hundred percent. It's an excellent solution for over coming issues with dead spots around the home or yard.

Alternatively the latest Uniden cordless phones are compatible with DRX100 Range Extenders Up to two units can be connected to the latest Uniden cordless phones. They are also capable of being daisy chained together to further increase range.


Uniden Cordless Phones

The latest Uniden phones are two of the most feature packed Bluetooth cordless phones on the market. They do everything bigger and better than the rest.

Features of the D3280 and D3288include:

  • Pair with up to 4 cell phones
  • Download thousands of names and numbers from cell phones
  • Expandable - up to 12 handsets
  • Block unwanted calls
  • Compatible with range extenders
  • Support Silent Mode
  • and more
  • Uniden cordless phones are not expensive, but the D3280's are very competitively priced when compared with other Bluetooth cordless phones.

    We were skeptical on first reviewing them. Mainly because Uniden was years behind both Panasonic and Vtech in bringing out a credible product. Both stumbled with their early Bluetooth cordless phones and it took them 2-3 generations to iron out the wrinkles. To our great surpise Uniden appears to have hit a hole in one.

    It's early days for the D3280's but consumer cordless phone reviews are giving them the thumbs up.


    Uniden Waterproof Cordless Phone

    Uniden's waterproof cordless phones are seriously rugged. They can survive total immersion and a great deal of rough handling. Take them in the shower, hot tub, shed or any wet area. Buyers are always finding new and interesting places to put them.

    Everyone can find a use for a waterproof phone, which makes them an excellent and unusual gift for the person who has everything.

    It's a bold statement but there is no other cordless phone manufacturer competes with Uniden in this space. Uniden is indesputably number one in tough waterproof phones.


    Uniden Amplified Cordless Phone

    Uniden has manufactured telephones for the hearing impaired for many years. It competes head to head with the leader in this niche - Clarity Phones and has some of the best amplified cordless phones.

    Uniden cordless phones for the hearing impaired are amongst the more stylish options. They are suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. They deliver up to 30dB of amplification and tone settings are easily adjusted mid-call.

    Big Buttons

    Uniden's Loud and Clear big button cordless phones are available as either complete systems or accessory handsets that can be added to an existing Uniden DECT 6.0 phone. They have large easily read displays, loud ringers and visual call notificartion.

    Uniden's Loud and Clear phones were designed with seniors in mind, but they are popular with a wide cross section of consumers because they are attractive and very practical.

    Uniden 2 Line Cordless Phone

    Two Line Phones

    Uniden two line cordless phones come in three different models. They conveniently correspond with the styles that most of us go in search of.

  • DECT4096 - corded cordless with answering machine
  • DECT4086 - cordless with answering machine
  • DECT4066A - cordless phone without answering machine
  • Uniden and Panasonic dominated the 2 line cordless phone segment for well over a decade. With the advent of DECT 6.0 technology Uniden lost ground to the competition, but is now fighting back with its DECT4000 series phones. Uniden cordless phones are more advanced than many of the alternatives because of the company's depth of experience in multi-line technology. They are packed with features, but still easy to use.

    They are all DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones

    The latest Uniden cordless phones are DECT 6.0 phones and use the 1.9 GHz cordless phone frequency. They are inexpensive, reliable and immune to interference from WiFi networks.

    But the same can be said of all DECT 6.0 cordless phones whether they are Panasonic, Vtech, AT, Siemens ... or Uniden phones.

    So what's different about Uniden cordless phones?

    Mix and Match Accessory Handsets

    Latest Uniden Cordless Phones

    One of the best features of Uniden cordless phones is the ability to mix and match handsets. We are not just talking about color and style, but functionality as well. Consider putting a waterproof cordless phone in a bathroom, garage or out by the pool and something more elegant in a bedroom or family room.


    Six handsets maybe enough, but it's always good to know that more can be added. With extended range and the availability of rugged waterproof handsets why not spread them around? Up to 12 handsets can share a single phone jack on the latest Uniden cordless phones.

    Silent Mode

    Life maybe unimaginable without a telephone, but there are times when everyone needs to go off-line and not be disturbed. The people from Uniden evidently agree. At the press of a button you can disable the ringers on all handsets.


    Uniden cordless phones compete head to head with Panasonic cordless phones. While neither company manufactures phones in Japan any longer, they both continue to release innovative technology and mass produce high quality consumer electronics.

    Vtech cordless phones are another serious competitive threat. They are cheap, well made and eating into Uniden's market share. VTech Holdings is an aggressive Hong Kong company that has mastered the science of driving down the cost of manufacturing consumer electronics. In 2000 it entered into a licensing arrangement to manufacture and sell AT&T cordless phones. It's now either #2 or #3 behind Panasonic.

    To survive in this environment Uniden must continuously develop new products and slash costs wherever possible.


    Uniden cordless phones were first introduced to the U.S. in 1987 and rapidly acquired a substantial following. They are still one of the top three brands, but consumer cordless phone reviews give rise to concerns about the consistency of quality control procedures in recent years.

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