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Uniden Two Line Cordless Phones
DECT4000 Series Phones

Uniden's DECT4000 Series phones are the latest DECT 6.0 two line cordless phones to hit the market. It's clear that Uniden was in no rush to supersede its well regarded 5.8 GHz 2 line phones. They were excellent and as good or better than alternatives from Panasonic, Vtech ... , but consumers were no longer interested. DECT 6.0 phones rule and Uniden finally got the message.

DECT4000 Series

While most competitive two line cordless phones come in just one or two styles there are three models of DECT4000 phone. They are identical with the exception that each targets a specific set of user requirements.

DECT4000 Models
DECT4096 Corded cordless phone with answering machine
DECT4086 Cordless phone with answering machine
DECT4066A Cordless phone without answering machine

The popularity of the DECT4066A is almost certainly attributable to consumers making the switch to a VoIP home phone service with included voicemail. They have no need for an answering machine and in some cases get a second line at no additional cost. At the time of writing the only other 2 line cordless phone without an answering machine was the recently released Panasonic KX-TG9322T.

Uniden Two Line Cordless Phones

The next most popular model is the DECT4096. A corded handset on the base unit is a feature that many consumers and small business owners insist on. They require the ability to answer and make calls even during a power outage, which means they need a corded cordless phone. The DECT4096 is up against Panasonic's top selling 2 line cordless phone - the KX-TG9392T.

The DECT4086 confronts more competition than either of the other models. Two line cordless phones with answering machines are the standard configuration and every brand has at least one. Despite that the Uniden phone does well in the popularity stakes. It's loaded with features, looks good and is priced competitively.

There is an empty space in Uniden's stable of two line cordless phones. It's yet to release a 2 line Bluetooth cordless phone. As is often the case Panasonic got in first and is cleaning up with the KX-TG9381T and related models.

Panasonic cordless phones are the benchmark in many segments of the market, but Uniden's DECT4000 phones have two significant advantages. They are cheaper and more expandable 10 vs. 6 handsets.

Uniden DECT 4000 Specifications

  • DECT 6.0 cordless phones
  • Expandable to 10 handsets
  • Digital answering system - 30 minutes
  • Dual keypads - base and handsets
  • Dual speakerphone - base and handsets
  • LCD display on handsets: date, time and extension
  • Phonebook - 100 names / numbers
  • Call ID / Call waiting compatible
  • Message indicator
  • Belt clips, headset jacks and speakerphones on handsets
  • Optional DRX100 range extenders


When it comes to cost Uniden's DECT4000 phones are in the middle of the field. Panasonic cordless phones are the expensive option and Vtech phones the cheapest.

DECT 6.0 Technology

DECT 6.0 phones address most if not all the issues associated with cordless phones in the past. Interference from WiFi networks and other electronic gadgets is a thing of the past. It's also responsible for extending talk time and greater security

Long Range 2 Line Cordless Phones

Cordless phone range is less of an issue than in the past. As a general rule the 1.9 GHz frequency allocated to DECT 6.0 phones enables them to achieve greater range than earlier 2.4 GHz and 5.8 Ghz phones.

In situations where range is an issue Uniden's DECT4000 phones have an edge over the competition. Users can add one or more DRX100 range extenders to to overcome issues associated with distance or blind spots.

Bottom Line

Uniden was late to market with its DECT4000 two line cordless phones, but had the benefit of targeting opportunities that others had missed. Overall they are great phones, loaded with features and competitively priced. They are also more expandable than Panasonic's 2 line phones.

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