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Top Rated Cordless Phones 2017
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The top rated cordless phones fall into several categories. Consumers have different requirements and the manufacturers have responded with varying degrees of success. While Panasonic scores the best cordless phone ratings in many categories there are several niches in which Vtech, Plantronics and Uniden phones are the ones to beat.

Top Rated Cordless Home Phones

Best Bluetooth Cordless Phone

There are always new models appearing so we keep an eye on the top sellers as they change from day to day. One thing is clear and that is the growing popularity of Bluetooth cordless phones such as Panasonic's KX-TG7645M - see below.

Panasonic cordless phones have no serious competition at the premium end of the cordless home phone market. The latest KX-TG7600, KX-TG6600 and KX-TG4000 models employ an enhanced version of DECT 6.0 technology that delivers excellent voice clarity and impressive cordless phone range. They also have the Panasonic proprietary features that distinguish them from all other cordless phones: talking caller ID, call blocking, silent mode, shared phone books, visual voice mail, eco-mode ...

Corded Cordless Phones

If the ability to make a phone call during a power outage is a critical consideration the top rated cordless phone is the KX-TG1062M. It's one of Panasonic's top sellers and scores impressive cordless telephone reviews.

Cordless Wall Phones

Until recently it was impossible to find a genuine wall mount cordless phone. Despite enormous demand the niche was ignored by manufacturers. In response Panasonic came up with a smart wall mount on it's KX-TG6600 range. It features a low profile mount that can be reversed. The base can either sit on a desk, counter ... or attach to a wall. It's the neatest solution we have seen and is a key reason for the popularity of the KX-TG6545B and related models.

Panasonic Long Range Codless Phone

Best Long Range Cordless Phone

In the past 900 MHz phones were the top rated cordless phones. Unfortunately they have issues including interference and poor security. While regular DECT 6.0 phones are usually adequate, they are challenged by large multi-level homes and steel-concrete constructions. The symptoms include dead spots where cordless phone reception is poor to non-existent.

The latest Panasonic cordless phones address these issues in two ways. DECT 6.0 Plus includes technology that increases cordless phone range. Secondly users can add one or more Panasonic cordless phone extenders to any of the latest TG7500, KX-TG6500 and KX-TG4000 models. The Panasonic KX-TG4053B comes with an included a range extender.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

While Vtech's Bluetooth phones are excellent value for money they don't compare with those from Panasonic. The main reason is that Panasonic's DECT 6.0 Plus technology is years ahead of Vtech's generic DECT 6.0 phones. Panasonic has significantly enhanced its DECT 6.0 technology with proprietary features such as: power backup, extended range, talking caller ID, silent mode ...

In addition to adding more features and functionality to its phones, Panasonic has also reduced its prices, especially on systems with four and more handsets. For example if you can usefully employ five handsets the Panasonic KX-TG7645M Link-to-Cell phone is a bargain.

Waterproof Cordless Phones

Uniden Waterproff Cordless Phone

Uniden has no competition in the rugged or waterproof cordless phone segment. Not only can Uniden phones survive total immersion in a backyard pool, but also the rough and tumble of life in dad's shed or workshop. The top selling model is the Uniden WXI3077. Uniden has waterproof accessory handsets that can be mixed and matched or complete systems (including DECT 6.0 base station).

Hearing Impaired Phones

Uniden and Clarity Phones specialize in amplified cordless phones with big buttons, large easily read displays and handsets that are easily gripped. It's a niche market that is booming and well catered for by these two companies. Clarity manufactures an extensive range of products for seniors and Uniden's Loud and Clear phones are some of the most attractive phones for those with a mild to moderate hearing deficit.

2 Line Cordless Phones

Top Rated Cordless Phone - 2 Lines

The Uniden DECT4000 series consists of three models that logically address the requirements of most users: cordless, corded cordless and even a model designed for users of Internet phone services who don't require an answering machine. It's a niche that Uniden phones have dominated for years and these latest models continue the tradition.

Does Uniden have the two line cordless phone to itself? No it's an intensely competitive niche and as always the one to beat is Panasonic with multiple phones including the top selling Panasonic KX-TG9392T

4 Line Cordless Phones

It appears that Panasonic may have decided to leave the 4 line phone segment to others. The Panasonic KX-TG4500B is a reliable work horse, but it's well and truly over the hill and there is no indication that a successor is on the way.

In the meantime the AT&T SynJ SB67158 has filled the void to become the top rated cordless phone in this niche. It has a few more features than the KX-TG4500B, but the main differences are (1) it's DECT 6.0 phone (2) Optional range extenders that significantly increase coverage.

Cordless Headset Phone

When a cordless phone headset doesn't cut the mustard the answer is a Plantronics cordless headset telephone. The Plantronics CT14 and Calisto Pro are the top rated cordless phones for multi-taskers who demand a hands free phone that can be attached to a belt or shirt pocket.


The top rated cordless phones have many features in common. When comparing the options we use a best cordless phone check list. It includes the features that we consider essential or at least highly desireable.

Top of Top Rated Cordless Phones

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