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An Option You May Have Overlooked

Most things go in cycles and that's definitely the case with small office phone systems. Take the example of 4 line cordless phones. They are inexpensive, easy to install and offer most of the features available on the "latest" VoIP phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Despite these advantages they are a solution that many fail to consider, but with the release of a new ATT cordless phone they are once again gaining popularity.

Until recently there was only one serious 4 line cordless phone worth considering. The Panasonic KX-TG4500B had been a competitive solution in its day, but that was many years ago. Small business owners had no choice but to head down the route of a small business VoIP PBX. That was until the release of the AT&T SB67118 SynJ 4. It's a serious small office phone system using the latest cordless phone technology and offering many advantages over a VoIP phone system.

Advantages of Cordless Phones

Walk and Talk

Over and above cost and simplicity there is Mobility. The ability to take your handset with you and talk on the run is a big advantage when comparing small office phone systems. The latest AT&T 4 line cordless phones have enormous range. If the need arises users can take calls up to half a mile from wherever a base station is located.

No Hands

ATT Cordless Headset

In these hectic times most of us need to multi-task. The days when we could sit at a desk and stare out the window while chatting on the phone are long gone. Hands free telephones are the answer. With a cordless phone you can clip a handset on your belt and use either a corded or cordless headset while roaming about.

BTW we aren't saying that you can't have a cordless hands free VoIP phone, but sit down before checking the cost of such gadgets. They are hardly small office phone systems as only large corporations and government agencies seem able to justify the expense.

No Wires

To install a cordless handset is easy. All you need is a power point and you are in business. On the other hand with VoIP phone systems the cost of special cabling can be considerable. Depending on the premises the cost of cabling may even amount to fifty percent or more of the system's total cost.

Myths and Misunderstandings

There are many misconceptions about using cordless phones as small office phone systems.

ATT Small Office Phone System

1. Limited functionality - not true! The latest 4 line cordless phones not only handle the basics: answering systems, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, logging ... but also music on hold, auto attendant, call recording, paging, push to talk ...

2. Not VoIP compatible - not true! With the exception of one or two services (Skype and Vonage) that use proprietary protocols a 4 line cordless phone system can be used to make cheap or even free VoIP phone calls.

3. Free phone calls - no such thing - not true! Plug your 4 or 2 line cordless phone into a smart VoIP adapter and make free calls throughout the U.S. and Canada (and cheap international calls too).

Today most small business owners expect a lot more from a 4 line phone system than they did just a few years ago. They want fully integrated or unified communication systems that offer features similar to a smartphone.

Multi-Line Cordless Phones

A 4 line phone with up to twelve handsets may be overkill in your small office environment. If that is the case there are many 2 line cordless phones that may well fit the bill. They include corded cordless phones, options with and without answering machines as well as Bluetooth cordless phones.

Cordless Headset Phones

Cordless Headset Phone

Plantronics is riding a wave success with its range of cordless headset phones. They are perfect small office phone systems as users can literally wear them. Not only can they answer calls on the run, but with the aid of a compact dial pad clipped onto a shirt or belt they can also dial out.

The Plantronics CT14 is also equipped with a headset so users can make hands free calls as well as wander about to meet the demands of business.

In Conclusion

VoIP phone systems aren't the solution for every small business. If you can't afford to be tied to a desk when on the phone a cordless phone solution is almost certainly required.

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