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Skype WiFi Phone Review

Having used and reviewed various Skype internet phones for well over a decade we've come to a sad conclusion.

If you desperately need a Skype WiFi phone that will give reliable service it's time to consider alternative ways of using Skype.

We have seen a lot of them come and go. They include phones from: Netgear, Linksys, Ipevo, Philips, Panasonic, Belkin and many others that were literally here today and gone tomorrow. Some are still available. They are gathering dust on a shelf somewhere and there is a seller who will be delighted if you make their day and buy one.

The Problem

The Skype phone service can be a geat money saver. We challenge anyone to find serious fault with a free telephone service that tens of millions of people rely upon and use every day. The thing is that most of these people are content to use headphones or simply talk into microphones built into their computers. The idea of paying $100+ for a Skype WiFi phone would crack them up.

Bad News

In reality many WiFi phones that come to market cost far more than $100. There will always be enthusiasts who snap up new gadgets whenever they are released, but overall the market for expensive Skype phones isn't big. Furthermore because Skype uses a proprietary protocol they can't be used with any other VoIP phone service.

Good News

So much for the bad news. Here's the good news. We've found an exception to the rule. The AiGuru S2 is a compact wireless phone at a sharp price. It's a multi-function device with a large color display and excellent range. Early indications suggest it's attracting a lot of interest and selling well.

Skype on Smarphones

Anyone with a smartphone has no need for a Skype WiFi phone. Skype on a smartphone is a marriage made in heaven. Skype apps are free and available for all types of smartphone. They are some of the most popular downloads on the internet.

Alternatives to Skype

The best cordless VoIP phones are SIP phones. They can be used with almost any hosted VoIP phone service (except Skype). Phone calls aren't free but they are cheap and sound quality is excellent. For those of us who want a cheap phone service and the convenience of a fully featured cordless home phone they are a perfect solution.


A Skype WiFi phone may sound like a cool idea but most Skype users are not convinced. As a general rule anyone who can afford more than $100 for a Skype phone can probably afford a premium VoIP phone service with all the bells and whistles.

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