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Best Skype Internet Phone

Tracking down a Skype internet phone that performs reliably and doesn't cost an arm and a leg can be hard work. The starting point is to recognize that Skype has gone mobile. It's one of the most popular smartphone applications and has been downloaded by millions of Skype users worldwide. As a consequence many of the businesses that made Skype WiFi and cordless phones in the past have moved onto easier ways of making money. That's not altogether a bad thing. In many cases their products were over priced and not all that great.

Best Skype Phone

Skype on a smartphone is not the right solution for everyone. If you are only ever going to use Skype around the home or office a corded or cordless Skype phone maybe a better solution.

Corded Skype Phones

As a general rule we would strongly recommend a corded Skype phone over cordless or wireless options. Reliability, sound quality and value for money are the key reasons.

Our pick would be the Xblue Skype desktop phone. It can be plugged directly into a router and used independently of a PC. It is a well made device with a top quality full duplex speakerphone that is perfect for gathering the family around when speaking with grand parents.

Is a corded Skype internet phone any better than talking into the screen of your PC or Mac? It probably comes down to whether or not you intend making video calls. If you do there is no need to buy a dedicated Skype phone as you already have an excellent solution.

Skype Cordless Phones

Cordless Skype phones use one of two different technologies. They are either WiFi or DECT 6.0 phones. In terms of freedom of movement and range there isn't much difference. The advantages of Skype cordless phones include expandability and dual mode operation. Most can be configured with multiple handsets and can be used to make landline as well Skype phone calls. The RTX DUALphone 4088 is one of the latest.

Skype Wireless Phones

The advantages of a Skype WiFi phone come down to cost, size and mobility. They are generally cheaper than dual mode cordless phones and easily tucked into a pocket. On the other hand they are not intended to be used as "always-on Skype internet phones." Unlike cordless phones they cannot be used without a PC.

Roaming between WiFi hot spots tends to deplete battery charge rapidly. Hence it's a good idea to power off WiFi phones between hot spots. At some stage it may become possible to pass a call from one WiFi cell to the next without breaking the connection, but we aren't there yet.

One of the latest Skype WiFi phones is the Asus AiGuru S2. It's a great improvement on earlier phones that had issues with limited talk time and calls dropping out.

Skype Apps on Smartphones

The best Skype VoIP phone to use if you need to talk and walk is a smartphone. Skype apps are available for most types: Windows, Android and iPhones. With a smartphone you are not only free to make calls without being tethered to a computer you can make them just about anywhere. Add a Skype phone number and friends, relatives, clients .. can contact you anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call. They can even call using standard landline phones.

In addition to mobility Skype on a smartphone enables users to make video calls and interact with friends on Facebook.

Skype Video Calls

Free video conferencing is one of Skype's best features, but unavailable on most Skype wireless phones.

Skype Facebook Integration

Skype and social networking applications are natural partners. When you log onto Skype it asks if you want to connect with Facebook. You can add a Skype online number to your profile and get to know your friends even better?


The popularity of the Skype phone service continues to grow. Free phone calls are the ultimate bargain and the service can be used almost anywhere in the world. The game changer is the explosive take-up of smartphones and the use of social media. Because of these developments demand for "conventional" Skype internet phones has crashed and new releases are increasingly uncommon.

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