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Are these the dying days of the Skype cordless phone? Just a few years ago there were dozens to choose from. The top brands included Netgear, Linksys, Ipevo, Philips, Belkin, GE and others. Few of these companies still make Skype phones. It's definitely not because Skype is any less popular. Skype is actually gaining new subscribers faster than ever before.

It appears to us that there are two main reasons for the progressive demise of the cordless Skype phone. On the one hand it's because Skype has gone mobile. The most popular Skype downloads are Skype apps for smartphones. The second reason is that Skype has progressively improved the quality of its video conferencing. It has made talking into a laptop or desktop computer a more enjoyable experience than holding a handset.

Dual Mode Skype Cordless Phones

If you are looking for the ultimate cordless home phone the holy grail must surely be a Skype cordless phone that can also be used to make landline phone calls. Over recent years a number have been released but didn't create much excitement. They were too expensive and lacked many of the features that consumers expect to find on a top end cordless phone.

The advantages of a Skype DECT 6.0 cordless phone include expandability and elimination of interference, but they aren't cheap. In fact the high cost of these devices has motivated many consumers to look at alternatives such as Siemens and Panasonic cordless VoIP phones. They are SIP phones which means they can be used with almost any voice service provider, but not Skype. Calls aren't free but they are cheap and call quality is typically excellent.

Skype Wireless Phones

Skype WiFi phones are usually cheaper than expandable DECT 6.0 cordless phones. For that reason they tend to be more popular, but as more consumers acquire smartphones demand is progresssively falling away.

WiFi phones can be used wherever there is an open WiFi network, but so can an iPhone or Android. Add the ability to access Facebook and other social media networks and for many users it's an open and shut case.

As a consequence of these developments corded Skype phones are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. The better options have full duplex speakerphones. Better still they can be used independenly of computers and provide an always on service.


The popularity of Skype continues to grow. It's the ultimate free telephone service. For that reason many Skype users have difficulty in seeing a case for paying $100 plus for a cordless phone. Instead they can either download a free app to a smartphone or use cheap headphones and talk into a computer.

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