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Siemens Cordless Phones
The Mercedes Benz of Cordless Phone Technology

Disclaimer - we love Siemens cordless phones. They are cool, elegant and great looking. Their styling is distinctly European, however there is more to these phones than good looks. They are loaded with excellent features and can be customized in much the same way as a cell phone. In fact they are easily mistaken for high end cell phones.

Siemens DECT Phones

DECT technology originally came out of Europe, where it's the undisputed standard. Siemens Gigaset is the number one cordless phone brand in Europe. It's regularly referred to as the Mercedes Benz of cordless phones.

Unfortunately Siemens Gigaset doesn't release DECT 6.0 equivalents of every model available in Europe. However the U.S. does get access to the most popular models as DECT 6.0 phones. Take for example the ultra-high end Siemens S795 . It's definitely not a cheap cordless phone, which is obvious at a glance. The handsets are even made from metal rather than plastic. A review of the specs will also confirm that they have plenty of smarts under the hood. They are serious S Class cordless phones. Siemens designates it's phones as SL, S, E, C and A Class just like Mercedes Benz autos. It's a smart way of associating Siemens Cordless phones with a prestigous brand name that is associated with quality.

Siemens Bluetooth Cordless Phones

The Siemens Gigaset SL785 is the coolest Bluetooth cordless phone of all. While confessing to a bias, it's clear that we are in good company. Despite a hefty price tag it's consistently at the top of the cordless phone ratings. The reasons (other than great looks) include exceptional voice clarity. It's a recurrent comment in nearly all reviews.

While all cordless phone manufacturers strive to cut costs in every possible way, it's clear that Siemens is unwilling to sacrifice voice clarity to cut costs. While most if not all it's competitors have compromised and gone with half duplex handsets, Siemens continues to offer full duplex hands free capabilities. They are without doubt the best cordless phones for those who regularly participate in hands free conference calls.

Siemens VoIP Cordless Phones

Another niche in which Siemens cordless phones set a benchmark is cordless VoIP phones. They are hybrid DECT 6.0 phones that can be used with either a land line or VoIP home phone service. In the event of an interruption to a VoIP phone service calls can still be made via a landline.

While simple to use they are loaded with smart features. For example dial plans can be set up to route outbound calls via up to six different VoIP phone service providers. Inbound calls can be automatically routed to nominated handsets. These features make them popular as small office phone systems as well as cordless home phones.

Once again from a user's perspective the outstanding feature of these phones is crystal clear sound. It's achieved through the use of Siemen's proprietary HDSP technology.

At this stage none of the other major cordless home phone brands is competing with Siemens in this niche. If users want to connect a cordless phone to a VoIP phone service they need to source a third party ATA and be content with an inferior solution.

Panasonic vs. Siemens Cordless Phones

Panasonic or Siemens, which are the best cordless phones? Are they Siemens or Panasonic phones? It's a tough call (pun intended). The answer comes down to the weighting put on specific features. In our view call clarity and stylish good looks are amongst the most important factors. Others are sold on features such as Panasonic's talking caller ID, silent mode and call blocking.

For those who need a long range cordless phone it's an easy decision. They need a phone that supports optional range extenders i.e. Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones.

Both brands use almost identical ECO-DECT technology. Both use standard rechargeable AAA batteries and both have gone with a maximum of six cordless handsets.

Cost is a factor that few of us can ignore. It's the Achilles heal of Siemen's cordless phones. They are too expensive for the average consumer.


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