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Best Phones for Hearing Impaired
Top Brands and Key Features

The baby boomers are at it again. Sales of phones for the hearing impaired have gone off the scale. Whether it's a consequence of too much head banging and heavy metal music when younger or simply advancing years, they are frustrated by telephones.

"I can't hear what is being said, they are too quiet. The handsets are difficult to grip and the buttons too small for my fingers. I can't hear the phone ring and often miss calls ... "

The consequences are often serious. It's not uncommon for seniors to give up attempting to use telephones. In the case of those who live alone their isolation from family and friends often becomes even more complete, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Best Hearing Impaired Phones

While style, color, size and cost can't be ignored the key issue is getting the right level of amplification. It's the best starting point when comparing options and zeroing in on the best hearing impaired phones.

How Much Amplification?

For those with mild to moderate hearing loss there are many options that will overcome the difficulties. Panasonic, Uniden and Clarity phones are the pick of the crop. In addition to appropriate levels of amplification they offer a range of other features that seniors appreciate from large well spaced buttons through to loud ringers and flashing lights that give notification of calls and messages.

  • Mild hearing loss: > 15dB to 20dB range.
  • Moderate hearing loss: > 20dB to 30dB range.
  • Severe hearing loss: up to 50dB.
  • For people with a severe hearing deficiency who need more than 40dB of amplification the best solution will almost certainly be a Clarity phone.

    1. Clarity Phones

    Clarity has the most comprehensive range of hearing impaired telephones. The company specializes in products for hearing and sight impaired seniors. To that end it has developed proprietary audio technology that can differentiate voice from background noise and increase call clarity even at very high levels of amplification.

    The XLC2 and XLC3.4 are Clarity's latest amplified cordless phones. They are the top rated phones for the severely hearing impaired.

    2. Uniden Cordless Phones

    Uniden's Loud and Clear amplified cordless phones are stylish as well as practical. There are corded-cordless options as well models with and without answering machines. They are often purchased by consumers who aren't hearing impaired, but want a state of the art phone that enables them to hear even the most softly spoken callers. The latest models provide 30dB of amplification. Other features include large well spaced buttons, visual as well as audible call notification and large displays.

    3. Panasonic Cordless Phones

    Panasonic hearing impaired phones have finally arrived. The company with the most extensive range of corded and cordless phones has locked onto the hearing impaired market. For both Uniden and Clarity the release of a Panasonic amplified cordless phone is a competitive threat that neither can afford to ignore. On the other hand increased competition has to be good news for consumers.

    The KX-TG6592T is a serious hearing impaired telephone. It's suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and incorporates many of Panasonic's latest DECT 6.0 Plus innovations.

    Comparing Phones for Hearing Impaired

    Key Features

    The best phones for the hearing impaired need to provide the same features as the best cordless home phones, but also:

    • Provide the right level of amplification.
    • Amplify without loss of clarity.
    • Enable users to adjust tone settings easily.
    • Have visual as well as audible ringers.
    • Visible notification of missed calls and messages.
    • Large well spaced buttons.
    • Comfortable easily gripped handsets.

    In the case of cordless phones the latest telephones for the hearing impaired are DECT 6.0 phones. They are immune to the most common types of interference, have more than adequate range and enable users to talk for many hours without recharging their handsets.


    For a relatively small investment phones for the hearing impaired can can greatly improve the quality of life enjoyed by seniors and the hard of hearing. The best brands provide the required level of amplification without reducing call clarity.

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