Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings

Motorola Cordless Phone Reviews

In terms of affordability and reliability it's hard to beat a Motorola cordless phone. They are attractive, trouble free and cheap. Are they the most sophisticated cordless telephones? No, but they perform the basics and look fine. They are popular with those who don't require a lot of features beyond the basics of making and answering calls.

The latest Motorola cordless phones are DECT 6.0 phones. DECT 6.0 technology has overcome issues associated with: WiFi interference, poor cordless phone range and limited talk time. There are still Motorola 5.8GHz and 2.4 GHz phones around. Don't touch them, they are superseded models.

Cordless Phone Ratings

Check out the best cordless phones. They are all DECT 6.0 phones, but there are significant differences between the top rated models and the rest.

Motorola Phones

Motorola has covered most of the bases with it's latest DECT 6.0 cordless phones:

  • Cordless phones with answering machines
  • Cordless phones without answering machines
  • Corded cordless phones
  • Big button cordless phones
  • Bluetooth cordless phones
  • Cordless Phones with Answering Machines

    The latest models are the L401, L402, L403, L404, where the last digit is the number of included handsets.

    Cordless Phones without Answering Machines

    The latest models are the L301, 302, 303 ... where the last digit is the number of included handsets.

    Users of voicemail services generally see no point in paying for a cordless phone answering system. Hence these are some of the most popular Motorola cordless telephones. They also make excellent Magicjack phones.

    Motorola Corded Cordless Phones

    The latest models include the L402C, L403C ... where the last digit is the number of included handsets.

    The main advantages of the combo desk phone/wireless handset/digital answering machine is the ability to share a single phone line across several devices and the ability to make calls during a power outage.

    While the corded handset can be wall mounted the cordless handsets can't. Look here for the best cordless wall phones.

    Motorola Bluetooth Cordless Phones

    Given Motorola's background in Bluetooth technology we expected more. Pairing is hit and miss. Drop-outs occur more often than with Vtech, Siemens or Panasonic Bluetooth telephones.

    The Motorola B802 is Motorola's flag ship Bluetooth cordless phone. It's been around since 2004. The competition regularly releases new models with enhanced features and left Motorola trailing well behind.

    Big Button Motorola Cordless Phone

    The Motorola K301 is a big button cordless phone with a large display, visual ringer and extra loud ringer. While it's not an amplified cordless phone, they are popular with the elderly and hard of hearing.

    The K301 is up against alternatives from GE, Uniden and Clarity phones.

    Key Features

    The popularity of these classy DECT 6.0 phones is attributable to their good looks, sharp pricing and confidence in the Motorola brand name.

    Standard features of the latest Motorola cordless phones include:

  • Good call clarity and volume
  • Volume controls
  • Large easily read displays
  • Each handset has it's own phonebook and ring tone settings
  • Message alerts
  • Standard Motorola cordless phone battery - lithium-ion.
  • Cordless phone reviews regularly note that Mororola phones lack features found in premium cordless phones: shared or centralized phone books, headset jacks, talking caller ID, call blocking, power backup ... Features such as these are available from the best cordless phones.


    Motorola was a pioneer in the cordless phone business, but like ATT and GE it rationalized and sold off it's high volume low margin businesses long ago.

    The latest generation of Motorola cordless phones are commodity DECT 6.0 products manufactured under contract in southern China. They are cheap and reliable but otherwise unremarkable.

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