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Which is the best long range cordless phone to use around the home? Our vote goes to the latest Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones equipped with one or more range extenders. On their own they have better range than the average DECT 6.0 phone, when used in combination with range extenders their coverage is exceptional. They can be used to overcome issues with poor reception in multi-level homes, basements, sheds, outside in the yard or even when visiting neighbors. Panasonic's range extenders are inexpensive and simple to install.

Long Range Cordless Home Phones

Panasonic Cordless Phones

1. Panasonic KX-TG4753B

Standard DECT 6.0 phones have a range of 150-200 feet. That's generally adequate for a cordless home phone. The latest Panasonic DECT Plus phones use an enhanced DECT 6.0 technology. Their range is up to twice that of standard DECT 6.0 phones. One or more range extenders can then be added and strategically located to further increase coverage. While their range does not extend to miles it's more than adequate for all but the largest mansions. The Panasonic KX-TG4753B comes with a range extender included in the package. Alternatively they can be added to any DECT 6.0 Plus phones including Panasonic's latest Bluetooth cordless phones.

Uniden Cordless Phones

Uniden Long Range Cordless Phone

2. Uniden DECT3380-3R

Range extenders can also be added to most current model Uniden cordless home phones as well as Uniden's two line cordless phones. The base units on these phones can support up to two DRX100 range extenders. They automatically search for the strongest signal and will either connect directly to the phone's base unit or daisy chain-off a DRX100 unit.

Long Range Multi-Line Cordless Phones

The top selling 4 line cordless phone is the AT&T SB67118. It's main competitive advantage over an alternative from Panasonic is it's impressive range. Range extenders can be added to overcome the challenge of mult-level premises and large floor areas. For many small businesses coverage is the critical factor and ATT has done well to come up with a viable and affordable solution.

The above options are suitable for use around home and small business environments where a range one to two hundred yards is the outer limit. To exceed that distance serious commercial long range cordless phones are required.

Ultra Long Range Cordless Phones

Serious long range cordless phones have a range of up to 50 miles. They are more commonly used in rural areas where cell phone reception is poor, or in commercial situations where employees need to answer calls no matter where they are. Typical examples include: car yards, entertainment complexes, concrete plants, construction sites, nurseries, freight yards ... In these environments there is no substitute for a commercial grade long distance cordless phone.


The key questions to ask when evaluating and comparing cordless phones include:

(1) Is it legal to use the phone in your jurisdiction? Has it been approved for use by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)? The FCC regulates cordless phone frequencies and technologies that can be used in the U.S.

(2) Is an indoor antenna sufficient or will an outdoor antenna be required?

(3) The topography of a region will impact cordless phone range as will any large structures in the path of transmission. In mountainous or heavily built up areas their achievable range will be less than in the wide open prairies.

(4) Long range phones are an alternative to walkie-talkies. They enable users to make or receive phone calls via the public switched network (PSTN), or communicate from handset to handset in walkie-talkie or push-to-talk mode.

(5) Is the cordless phone required to interconnect with an existing telephone system, or will it be a stand alone facility?

EnGenius Cordless Phones

EnGenius Phones are FCC approved. They are the go to option for anyone who needs a seriously long range cordless phone. To that end they have rugged handsets designed for use in commercial environments.

From time to time competing options pop up. In most cases they aren't FCC approved and hence not suitable for use in the U.S. market. For example Voyager phones have a strong following in Europe, where they are well regarded as an industrial strength long range cordless telephone. At the time of writing they have no presence in the U.S.

Cordless Phone Frequencies

EnGenius phones use the 900 MHz cordless phone frequency. The bandwidth was allocated by the FCC back in 1990. The great strength of 900 MHz cordless phones is that they have better range than any of the technologies that subsequently followed including DECT 6.0 phones. The downside of the 900 MHz frequency was that it rapidly became saturated resulting in a issues with call security and drop outs. Digital technology has overcome most of these issues and today's 900 MHz phones bare little resemblance to those of the past.


For use around the home the best long range cordless phone is either one of the latest Panasonic or Uniden phones. The next step up is the ATT SB67118 4 line codless phone. It's suitable for use in home and small business environments.

EnGenius phones are the benchmark in commercial situations where distances are measured in thousands of yards and phones need to withstand rough handling.

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