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GE Cordless Phones Are Back!

An entirely new range of GE cordless phones has hit the market. It's a fresh start for a venerable brand that went into steep decline under the management of French media group Thomson, Inc. A Texas based company, CCT Tech USA Inc. has taken over distribution of GE phones in the U.S. By all indications it hasn't wasted a moment in revitalizing the business. The new GE cordless phone range is extensive and a great improvement on the last generation.

They're DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones

GE Cordless Phones

The latest cordless phones from all manufacturers are DECT 6.0 phones and the new GE phones are no exception. It's a proven technology that addresses issues with interference, range and talk/standby times. Better still its responsible for bringing down the cost of cordless telephones.

GE's latest phones correspond with competitive offerings from Panasonic, Uniden, Vtech and ATT. As they are all DECT 6.0 phones the differences between them are not always obvious. To survive in this highly competitive market every manufacturer must have the best cordless phones in at least one niche segment.

GE Cordless Phones - Latest Models
28512 Basic cordless home phone without answering machine
28522 Basic cordless home phone with answering machine
30522 Premium cordless phone with answering machine
30524 Premium corded cordless phone with answering machine
30542 Amplified cordless phone with Push to Talk (PTT)
30544 Amplified corded cordless phone with PTT
30385 Corded Bluetooth phone with USB
30784 Corded cordless Bluetooth phone with USB - expandable
31591 Dual mode Skype cordless phone - land line phone

Overall Rating

Value for Money 4/5 Pricing - low to medium range.
Build Quality 4/5 Handsets feel solid if light.
Technology 3/5

While the 285xxx models are basic DECT 6.0 phones the 30xxx phones offer premium features that many will find useful:

  • Call blocking
  • Do not disturb
  • Push-to-talk
  • USB charging ports
  • Bluetooth cordless phones
  • Audio boost
  • Expandability 2/5

    While Vtech, ATT and Uniden phones are expandable to between 10 and 12 handsets the new GE cordless phones are capped at between 4 and 7 handsets.

    The 30385 is a Bluetooth enabled corded phone. No cordless handsets can be added.

    It's arguable that most consumers don't need more than 4 handsets, but it's always good to know that you can add more if required.

    Multiple Lines 2/5

    At this stage there are no genuine 2 line cordless phones in the range. The 30385 and 30784 models are described as 2 line phones because they are Bluetooth enabled. Concurrent calls can be made via a landline and cell phone service. Not to be confused with 2 line cordless phones that enable 2 concurrent landline phone calls such as Panasonics KX-TG381T.

    GE Corded Cordless Phone


    Older GE cordless telephones are still on the shelves of retailers and online shopping sites. Unfortunately sellers may not tell you that they have been superseded, so it's worthwhile becoming familiar with the latest models before making a final decision.


    Vtech provides contract manufacturing services to other companies. It enables them to achieve better margins on their own products through improved economies of scale.

    Our guess would be that the latest GE phones come out the same factories as Vtech phones. They have many features in common with the latest Vtech and ATT cordless phones.


    It's good news for consumers to see the return of GE cordless phones. They are excellent value for money and significantly better quality than the models that they supersede.

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    Top of GE Cordless Phones

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