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For those in the know a purpose built cordless VoIP phone is the only way to go. Any corded or cordless phone can be used to make VoIP phone calls. Just plug it into a pre-configured ATA or VoIP bridge supplied by a voice service provider (VSP) and you're done. The downside is that "free hardware" is often used as a device for locking consumers into a VSP. They commonly pay more for calls and miss out on the best features available to those who own a genuine VoIP cordless phone.

The Contenders

While the big end of town has been well served by Cisco for years the home and small business market has been overlooked - until now!

Siemens Gigaset was first out of the blocks, but Panasonic has now entered the race with all guns blazing.

1. Panasonic

Panasonic Cloud Phone System

Panasonic IP Phone

The Panasonic KX-TGP551T04 is the real deal. For a relatively small up front cost it can save home or small business users a bundle in telephone costs. It's a SIP based cordless phone system that can operate either off Panasonic's cloud service or up to eight different hosted VoIP service providers.

They are easy to set up especially if you are dealing with a provider such as onsip that has a provisioning server that automates the process and keeps the system up to date with the latest firmware from Panasonic.

The KX-TGP551T04 is a 3 line DECT 6.0 phone capable of being expanded up to eight handsets or extensions. If required each can have its own unique number.

Other nice features include cell phone integration - calls can be automatically forwarded to cell phones when not answered. Users also have access to a fax service.

Siemens C610A-IP

Siemens Cordless VoIP Phone

The C610A-IP is Siemen's latest cordless VoIP phone. Users can make multiple concurrent VoIP phone calls, use handsets to send text messages, read emails, browse web sites, tweet and even update their Facebook account. They are hybrid phones so users can also make landline phone calls should they need to. But there is far more to these phones.

All Siemens cordless phones are highly configurable. They look and behave more like smartphones. The C610A-IP can be personalized in dozens of ways via a web browser interface.

Other Features

1. Dual mode VoIP/landline phones - use exclusively as broadband IP phones or with a fall back to a fixed line service if required.

2. SIP cordless phones - enables them to be used with almost any IP phone service of which there are thousands or Siemen's cloud service.

3. Multiple SIP accounts - one VoIP service maybe enough, but the C610A-IP can be configured to use up to six different VoIP services each with a different phone number. There are many reasons why this can be useful including making use of the most reliable or cheapest service for calls to different regions. Alternatively you can set up online numbers in different countries enabling friends, family or business partners to call you for the cost of a local phone call.

4. Multiple lines - it can support up to three concurrent phone calls (two VoIP calls and one over a fixed line service). Cheaper than buying a conventional 2 line corded or cordless phone.

5. Cordless phone technology - they are DECT 6.0 phones hence immune to interference, expandable to 6 handsets and extended talk talk.

6. HDSP (High Definition Sound Performance) - twice the voice clarity of conventional phones.

7. Address book - 150 entries.

8. Batteries - standard rechargeable AAA's available everywhere and cheap.

9. Pocket sized PBX - configurable dial plans and call routing. Incoming calls can be routed to specific handsets. Outbound calls can be routed to use specific VSP's.

10. Digital answering machine - up to 50 minutes of digital recording. Texts sent to cell phones to give notification of new messages which can can then be remotely played back.

Tough Cordless Phones

Having used a Siemens cordless VoIP phone for several years we can confirm that they are light, but also surprisingly rugged. The handsets have survived many drops and bounces without any visible or audible damage being inflicted.

Because they are light and compact we also take one with us when traveling. On arrival it's plugged into a broadband service to take incoming calls as if we were at home. We can also dial out using our home or office number.


Our Siemens cordless VoIP phone works faultessly but if we were in the market today we would probably go with the Panasonic phone. It's cell phone integration is the feature that would tip the scale for us.

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