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Best Cordless Phone Answering Machine 2017

Which is the best cordless phone answering machine? In our view there are three contenders worth special attention. They are DECT 6.0 phones with integrated digital answering machines. In other words they use the latest cordless phone technology. As a consequence there are no magnetic tapes to stretch or wear out and the phones are immune to most forms of interference.

Best Cordless Phones with Answering Machines

We have ranked the contenders going from Great to Better to the Ultimate. The best phone to meet your requirements will obviously depend on factors including the size of your home, how many people will be using it and whether or not you need to link your cell phones and cordless phones together.

#1 Good

ATT Cordless Phone Answering Machine

The AT&T EL52200 is an inexpensive single line cordless phone answering machine that does all the basics. It's simple, easy to install and works faultlessly. It's a two handset phone and there is also a three handset version.

Digital recording time about 14 minutes.

The EL52200 is the top selling ATT cordless phone. If two or three handsets are enough there is no better alternative in the same price bracket.

# Best

The Panasonic KX-TG6645B is a high end cordless phone answering machine with many advanced features that are only available on Panasonic cordless phones. These include:

Panasonic Cordless Phone Answering Machine 2012
  • Call blocking
  • Talking caller ID
  • Silent mode
  • Large display
  • Excellent call clarity
  • Extended range
  • Power backup
  • It's expandable from one through to six handsets. The 5 handset package is the most cost competitive bundle.

    Because the KX-TG664xB uses Panasonic's enhanced DECT 6.0 Plus technology, range and call clarity are exceptional. Optional range extenders can also be added. They maybe required if you have a very large mansion or take a handset with you when walking the dog.

    Digital recording time about 18 minutes.

    The 5 handset package is a bargain, but the same phone is also available in smaller configurations.

    With the exception of Bluetooth technology this phone ticks all the boxes. At the same time it's also easy to install and operate.

    # The Ultimate

    Ultimate Cordless Phone Answering Machine

    There is only one better option. It's a Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phone with answering machine. The KX-TG7645M is the ants pants in cordless phone answering machines. Consumers are switching in droves to Bluetooth enabled cordless phones. They want the advantages of Bluetooth cordless phones that this phone offers.

    Other than Bluetooth there are few other significant differences between the Best and the Ultimate. In terms of cost there is also little difference. It probably explains why the KX-TG764xM has become Panasonic's top selling cordless phone.

    Do You Need an Answering Machine?

    A growing number of people have decided that they no longer need an answering machine. Instead they are using voice mail, text messages and Facebook to leave messages. The popularity of these alternatives probably explains why sales of cordless phones without answering machines have sky rocketed.

    Echo Devices Starting at 44.99


    The latest generation of cordless phones with answering machines are excellent value for money. Thanks to digital answering machines and DECT 6.0 technology they are inexpensive and trouble free. As is the case in many niches Panasonic cordless phones are the ones to beat.

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