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Back in the old days even rocket scientists found it hard to compare cordless phones. There were no industry standards, every brand employed a different technology and everyone had a view on the best cordless phone frequency. The upshot was that phones were expensive and there were big differences between the best and the rest.

Today you don't need a degree in electronics to compare cordless phones. All DECT 6.0 phones use the same technology and comply with a worldwide standard. Complaints about interference, needing to constantly recharge handsets and poor security are seldom heard. It's universally agreed that they're the best cordless phones. The outcome is that everyone can now compare cordless phones without needing to know how they work.

Cordless Phone Comparison - the Steps

To find the best cordless phone you need to be clear about your requirements. The answers to the following questions will reduce the size of the field and make comparison easier.

Step 1: Is it a DECT 6.0 phone?

Confirm that it's a DECT 6.0 cordless phone. Beware of 5.8 GHz, 2.4 GHz and even 900 MHz phones. If they didn't sell 5, 10, 15 years ago they are now well and truly obsolete.

Step 2. How many handsets?

All DECT 6.0 phones are expandable. It's a mistake to assume that greater expandability always means one phone is better than another. If you only require 3, 4 or 5 handsets there is no advantage in buying a cordless phone that is expandable up to fourteen. There may however be an advantage in the case of a 2 line cordless phone.

Step 3. Is it a long range cordless phone?

Most of us don't have a problem with cordless phone range. It depends on how and where handsets are used. There's a growing trend to put them in every room. It has exposed blind spots and increased demand for long range cordless phones and range extenders.

Step 4. Do I need an answering machine?

Once upon a time all cordless phones had answering machines, but that's no longer the case. Having become familiar with using voicemail on cell phones many of us questioned the need for cordless phones with answering machines.

Step 5. What if it gets wet?

The great thing about cordless phones is that you can take them everywhere and we do. In the bathroom, yard, kitchen, laundry, by the pool ... and they often get wet.

"Is it a rugged cordless phone - does it bounce?"

Everyone needs at least one rugged waterproof cordless phone. Uniden has cornered the market so it's not going to take long to compare the alternatives and find the best.

Step 6. Is it loud enough?

If you are hard of hearing or simply can't find a phone that's loud enough you need an amplified cordless phone. There are several companies specializing in this niche including Uniden and Panasonic.

The best hearing impaired phones have big buttons, large easily read displays, loud ringers and visual call notification (flashing light). Clarity is the industry leader with phones appropriate to all levels of hearing loss.

Step 7. Are you still on the phone?

If a spouse or teenage children are hogging the phone the answer is almost certainly a 2 line cordless phone. Having made that decision it's time for some serious cordless phone comparison. The options include: cordless or corded cordless, with or without answering machines, with or without Bluetooth and with or without integration with Microsoft Outlook.

While every brand has at least one 2 line phone the best are either Uniden or Panasonic cordless phones.

Step 8. Has it got Bluetooth?

Bluetooth cordless phones are hot! It's all about pairing with or linking to cell phones so you can make cell phone calls using cordless handsets, upload address books, eliminate problems with cell phone reception or even go totally cellular and ditch the land line.

Step 9. Can I make VoIP phone calls?

Absolutely! Any old cordless phone can be hooked into a bridge or ATA to make cheap or even free phone calls, but there is a better solution. Purpose built cordless VoIP phones give better call clarity and other advantages including multiple lines, multiple accounts, texting, email ...

Step. 10 Can I wear it and go hands free?

Hands free cordless headset phones are essential equipment for anyone who isn't desk bound and needs to do several things at once. Plantronics is the number one brand in this niche and the CT14 is the benchmark for use around the home or small office.


While we no longer need to be technical wizards to compare cordless phones there are still significant differences between the best and the rest. Cordless phone reviews and ratings are the key to identifying the best cordless phones.

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