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How to Call Block a Phone Number
- and Screen Calls with Talking Caller ID -

At some point in time everyone needs to call block a phone number for one reason or another. It maybe to avoid harassment, nuisance calls, telemarketers or even persistent ex-partners. Many of us would consider phone call blocking an essential feature of all business and home phone systems.

Here is an innovative solution that has proven to enormously popular in the brief period that it has been available.

Amazon Call Blocker

Another approach is to consider a cordless phone with call block capabilities. It is a feature that is only available on a small number of top end phones.

Phone Call Blocking

How to call block a phone number
Telephone caller ID is a prerequisite for any call blocking solution to work. The Panasonic KX-TG6645B is an up market cordless home phone that supports a number of options in addition to basic caller ID. These include the ability to call block a phone number with a busy signal whenever there is a match with numbers on a call ID block list. It's a background process that operates silently without distracting or annoying the cordless phone user. New numbers can be added to the list in seconds.

How to Block Telemarketing Calls

Despite heavy penalties for non-compliance, telemarketing laws are regularly ignored. It's still worth getting listed on the FCC do not call list, but it's also a good idea to take some additional measures as well.

Panasonic Talking Caller ID

It's a tool for screening calls - announcing the names of callers between rings. It can also be used to block telemarketing calls. If a caller's number isn't stored on your phone let the answering machine handle it. It works like an anonymous call blocking mechanism. If the caller's number isn't listed, or if they have blocked their caller ID you have the option of calling them back.

Screen Cell Phone Calls Too

Advanced Bluetooth cordless phones such as Panasonic's KX-TG7644M can automatically pair with your cell phone as you walk in the door. There are a number of benefits that derive from this including the ability to answer and make outbound cell phone calls from a cordless handset. It also enables you to call block phone annoying phone calls from parties attempting to contact you on your cell phone.


The ability to call block a phone number in combination with Panasonic talking caller ID is a formidable shield against uninvited callers.

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How to Block Phone Calls - whether telemarketing calls, calls from an ex, or just nuisance phone calls in general.

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