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Bluetooth Home Phone
Which is the Best?

It has become almost impossible to find a cell phone or smartphone that isn't Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth technology is ubiquitous and the next cab off the rank is the Bluetooth home phone. In fact the trend is already well underway. The top selling home phones are Bluetooth cordless phones. Consumers love them and competition is intense.

Why they Rock

It's all about Bluetooth pairing. It happens automatically whenever two or more Bluetooth devices discover one another. Cell phones, smartphones, headsets ... automatically pair with Bluetooth home phones once they are within range.

It's a good thing because Bluetooth phones can be used not only to make and answer landline calls, but cell phone calls as well. Park your cell phone(s) at the door or wherever and use cordless handsets. They are cheap so you can put a handset in every room. No more scrambling to reach the cell when waiting for that important call.

The latest Bluetooth cordless phones such as the Panasonic KX-TG7645M can link with up to two cell phones. If that isn't enough there are Uniden phones that can link with up to four cell phones or smartphones.

Ditch Your Landline and Save

Convenience is a factor but the most compelling reason for making the switch to a Bluetooth cordless phone is that users can get rid of their landlines and save money. It's a trend that's picking up momentum as more and more households are using them to cut costs without sacrificing the convenience of cordless handsets.

Issues with Cell Phone Signal Strength

Another reason for their popularity is that Bluetooth technology can be used to overcome issues with cell phone drop outs and weak signal strength. Many of us have discovered rooms or places in our homes where signal strength is better than elsewhere. We naturally migrate to those locations when on the phone. That's obviously the best place to put your cell phone on arriving home, but thereafter you can use a cordless handset and wander at will without being concerned about drop outs. Bluetooth range is impressive and seldom presents a problem.

Best Bluetooth Home Phones

It's a buyers market because all the big brands recognize the strategic importance of being #1 in Bluetooth cordless phones, but some have been faster than others to respond. Panasonic cordless phones outsell all others with Vtech, Siemens and Uniden phones in hot pursuit.

Final Word

You can almost certainly survive without a Bluetooth home phone, but why would you want to? They are the coolest phones and once you have used one there wil be no going back.

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