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Best Bluetooth Cordless Phone
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The Bluetooth cordless phone has arrived. There are a growing number of excellent cordless Bluetooth home phones. The latest crop are all DECT 6.0 Bluetooth phones. They are set to become ubiquitous and blur the line between cell phones and cordless land line phones.

Latest Bluetooth Cordless Phones

The leading brands specializing in Bluetooth cordless phones are : Panasonic, Siemens and Vtech with Uniden making a late dash for the line. Each has at least one top rated cordless phone in this niche, but that's where the similarities end.

Panasonic Cordless Telephone - Link-to-Cell

For Panasonic the Bluetooth cordless phone is a strategic product. By dominating this niche Panasonic has secured an on-going competitive advantage. In the same way as Bluetooth technology has become standard on cell phones, it's also well on the way to becoming a standard feature on all cordless phones.

#1. the KX-TG7645M is Panasonic's most aggressively priced Bluetooth cordless phone to date. By offering a superior phone at a sharp price it's blitzing what remains of the competition. In fact the greatest threat to Panasonic cordless phones doesn't come from competing brands, but from consumers cutting the cord on their landline phone services. Panasonic's strategy is aimed at switching these consumers to Link-to-Cell phones before they cut the cord. They will then get hooked on the convenience of Bluetooth and the ability to use these phones with landline and / or cell phone services.

Panasonic Bluetooth Cordless Phone

The Pros

  • Pairs with 2 Bluetooth cell phones.
  • Connects with Bluetooth wireless headsets.
  • Can operate as a two line cordless phone.
  • Download phone book(s) from cell phones.
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets.
  • Aggressively priced package with 5 handsets.
  • Increased range
  • Power backup - runs off handset batteries during outages
  • Call blocking.
  • Silent mode.
  • Eco-mode.
  • Headset jacks.
  • Keypad and speakerphone in the base unit.
  • Efficient easy to use Voicemail interface.
  • Excellent Bluetooth range and call clarity
  • The Cons

  • Nothing worth mentioning.
  • Siemens Cordless Phones

    #2. the Siemens Gigaset SL785 is a classic example of cool European design. In our view it's the best looking cordless phone bar none. Not the least of it's many unique features - genuine cast metal alloy handsets.


    The Pros

  • Exceptional voice clarity.
  • Extensive user customization of operation.
  • Downloadable software updates.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth wireless headsets.
  • Import Outlook contacts via Bluetooth or USB.
  • Phone answering system - up to 45 minutes recording.
  • The Cons

  • Does not pair with cell phones - just Bluetooth earpieces and headsets.
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets - usually more than enough.
  • Caller ID displays number and not name.
  • Elegant design but far from cheap.
  • The Siemens SL785 uses Bluetooth technology to transfer data and connect with Bluetooth headsets. It's not a Bluetooth cordless telephone in the same way as either the VTech or Panasonic Link-to-Cell phones. On the other hand it's a work of art and if you aren't persuaded by the benefits of pairing a cell phone with a cordless phone, it's probably the best cordless phone for you.

    VTech Cordless Phones

    #3. VTech is a Bluetooth cordless phone specialist. It's been manufacturing Bluetooth phones under it's own brand name and others (AT&T cordless phones) for years. The VTech DS6421-3 is an advanced cordless home phone at an affordable price.

    Vtech Bluetooth Cordless Phone

    The Pros

  • Can pair with 2 Bluetooth cell phones.
  • Connects with Bluetooth wireless headsets.
  • Can operate as a two line cordless phone.
  • Download phone book(s) from cell phones.
  • Push-to-Talk
  • Expandable up to 12 handsets.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Once paired they rarely drop a connection. They are especially popular in areas where cell phone coverage is poor.

    The Cons

  • No headset jack, but connects with Bluetooth headsets.
  • Phone answering system - just 14 minutes of recording time.
  • Phonebook capacity- just 50 names and numbers.
  • Less robust than other options.
  • Uniden Bluetooth Cordless Phones

    Many years after Panasonic, Vtech and Siemens first released a Bluetooth enabled cordless phone Uniden has joined the party. It rarely does anything by half but is seldom the first to jump. The latest Uniden phones are highly competitive and present a threat to both Vtech and Siemens if not Panasonic cordless phones.

    Uniden apparently dismissed or under estimated demand for Bluetooth cordless phones. Having taken stock of the situation its now gone for broke. Uniden D3280 phones can link with up to 4 cell phones and enable each to download up to 1,500 phonebook entries = 6,000 in total. They are also attractive well made phones. Game on!

    Summary - Which is the Best?

    They all work well, but each has pros and cons. In our view Panasonic Bluetooth cordless phones are ahead of the pack. Panasonic is onto its third or fouth generation Bluetooth enabled phone and has a range of models on offer. They include options with and without answering machines, as well as a Bluetooth enabled 2 line cordless phone.

    On the other hand when it comes to style and cool good looks the Siemens SL785 wins hands down.

    What is Bluetooth Technology?

    Bluetooth is a technology that enables multiple Bluetooth gadgets or devices to be easily connected without wires, cables or manual configuration. It has been adopted faster and more extensively than any other wireless technology.

    Bluetooth Pairing

    By automatically pairing with cell phones, earpieces and other devices, a Bluetooth cordless phone becomes the hub of a home phone network. In so doing they effectively blur the line between cell phones and landline phones. Consumers can elect to ditch land line phone services and go totally cellular or continue with both.

    1. Bluetooth devices such as cell phones, headsets and cordless phones automatically "pair" with one another when they are within range. No wires, cables or technical geniuses required.

    2. The outcomes - you can answer or make cell phone calls using the closest cordless phone handset.

    3. Depending on the Bluetooth cordless phone it's possible to hold 2 or more concurrent telephone conversations. It's as good as having 2 or 4 line cordless phone at home.

    4. Because a cell phone can be charging while paired with a cordless phone, there is no reason why it shouldn't be fully charged when you head out the door.


    It took a while but Bluetooth home phones are finally outselling traditional cordless phones. It's little wonder as they only cost slightly more and anyone with a cell phone or smartphone can immediately see the advantages.

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