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Best Big Button Cordless Phone

If you've spent much time looking for a big button cordless phone one of the first things that becomes apparent is that most are ugly. While looks aren't everything we were delighted to find a range of Uniden phones with generously proportioned buttons that look great as well.

Uniden Cordless Phones

When Uniden targets a niche it generally comes up with a winner. Examples include its waterproof, long range and 2 line cordless phones.

Uniden Loud and Clear Phones

There are several styles of big button cordless phone in the Loud and Clear range. They include a corded cordless phone as well as a straight cordless options. They are available as either complete systems or accessory handsets that can be added to an existing Uniden DECT 6.0 phone.

As implied by the name they are amplified cordless phones with either a 20db or 30db audio boost. Anyone with a mild to moderate hearing deficiency, will be impressed by the clarity of these phones.

Other Features

  • Talking caller ID telephone - announces callers
  • DND - do not disturb key - routes calls to answering machine
  • Expandable to 6 handsets
  • Handset locator
  • Large easily read display

We are also impressed by the feel of these phones. They are comfortable to grip and built to withstand a decent amount of rough and tumble. While Uniden was obviously targeting seniors, they are a practical cordless phone system for people of any age group.


Clarity Phones

Clarity specializes in phones for the elderly as well as hearing impaired telephones. There are multiple corded and cordless big button options in the Clarity phone range. For those with a serious hearing deficiency there is no better option than a Clarity C4220 or C4230. They incorporate Clarity's proprietary voice amplification technology that overcomes issues with clarity at high levels of amplification.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Panasonic is a relatively late starter in the big button cordless phone niche. The KX-TG6592T is a chunky amplified cordless phone that looks the business with its over sized keys and large display. It's a DECT 6.0 Plus phone and expandable up to six cordless handsets. On the downside it's only available in the standard Model T Ford color scheme.


Among the most common complaints that we hear about cordless phones relate to their pin head sized keys and low sound levels. Uniden's phones are an attractive solution for anyone who needs a big button cordless phone, especially if they are also looking for a corded cordless phone.

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