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900 MHz Cordless Phone
Pros and Cons of the Best Long Range Cordless Phone

While DECT 6.0 phones are the standard there are situations where nothing but a 900 MHz cordless phone will do. In large warehouses, convention centers, hotel complexes, motor vehicle dealerships ... and on farms nothing beats a 900 MHz phone. They are the ultimate long range cordless phones.

Commercial Long Range Phones

900 MHz phones have been around for a while. They first appeared in 1990 when the FCC allocated the frequency. The phones of that era used analogue technology, security was poor and multiple handsets were not an option. With the advent of digital technology those shortcomings were addressed.

EnGenius cordless phones are the number one brand in seriously long range cordless phones. They are expandable 900 MHz phones capable of being configured with large numbers of handsets and multiple lines. If required they can also be interfaced to PBX's and provide walkie-talky functionality.

Long Range Cordless Home Phone

While DECT 6.0 phones can't match the range of 900 MHz phones they are generally adequate for use around the home. However in recent years there has been a trend toward adding more handsets and spreading them around. Not only into rooms, but in the garage, by the pool and they are also clipped onto belts when visiting neighbors or even walking the dog.

In response several brands including Panasonic and Uniden have released long range cordless phones and range extenders. They are cheap and can be installed in minutes as they simply need plugging into a power socket. As a rule of thumb they will normally double the normal range of a DECT 6.0 phone.

A Word of Caution

With the exception of EnGenius phones we would avoid considering any other 900 MHz cordless phone. We still see analogue phones for sale that have been on the shelf for many years. They are commonly sold as hearing impaired phones or big button cordless phones. The are in fact old style cordless phones with significant limitations including poor security, subject to interference and non-expandable. The best cordless phones for use around the home are DECT 6.0 phones.

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