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Best 4 Line Phone System
Comparing the Alternatives

So you are in the market for a 4 line phone system and need to compare the options. The main considerations are usually: cost, whether or not you require corded or cordless handsets and whether or not the system is to be used with a VoIP phone service. While they are all DSL compatible it doesn't necessarily mean that they can all take full advantage of VoIP's best features.

IP phones are fast becoming the most popular 4 line systems. Small business owners expect far more than in the past. As computer and smartphone users they are comfortable with technology. They want to reduce their phone expenses, but also obtain the advantages of using integrated systems.

Traditional land line phones can't compete with a 4 line phone that supports HD voice, full duplex speakers as well as being WiFi and Bluetooth enabled.

Best VoIP 4 Line Phone System

Cisco 4 Line Phone System

Cisco SPA 500 series IP phones sets the benchmark in small business phone systems. The Cisco SPA 504G 4-Line IP Phone is an entry level model costing little more than a cordless phone system. It can use the same network cabling as your desktop computer and even draw power from it eliminating the need to install additional outlets.

Other models in the series include the SPA 525G2 with Bluetooth functionality and integration with Cisco's Mobile Link. It can be used as a hands-free device that can be linked to your cell phone.

4 Line Cordless Phones

ATT 4 line cordless phone

The top selling cordless phone is the AT&T SB67118 SynJ. It has greater range than alternatives, more features and is also more expandable.

Cordless 4 line phones are still very popular as small office phone systems. They are inexpensive and require little or no technical expertise to setup.

Cordless solutions are often found in home business, branch and retail situations where employees need to multi-task and take calls on the run.

The cost of 4 line cordless phones has come down in response to competition from 4 line IP phone systems, but still struggle to compete with the technical advantages they offer.

Corded 4 Line Phone Systems

ATT Corded 4 Line Phone System

It's all about being able to talk and walk at the same time. If you are tied to a desk or fixed location you can probably live without a cordless handset. The good news is that corded phone system are cheap. The best options are either Panasonic or AT&T 4 line phones such as the AT&T 1070 Corded Phone, but don't rush out to buy one before being absolutely certain that an IP phone system isn't what you really need.


While cordless phones are perfect in the home they aren't necessarily the best small business telephone systems.

Top of Best 4 Line Phone System

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