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Comparing 4 Line Cordless Phones

4 line cordless phones are highly cost effective small business phone systems. They are ideal in any situation where mobility is a requirement. Add a belt clip and corded or cordless headset and multi-tasking users have the convenience of a hands free phone. Such features make them popular in small business and distributed environments where customer service is a top priority.

Another factor responsible for the popularity of cordless 4 line phone systems is that compared with VoIP phone systems and PBX's they are affordable. They are also fast and easy to install. Anyone who can plug in an appliance and push in a few phone jacks can get up and going in minutes.

Comparing 4 Line Phones

The top 4 line cordless phones are comprehensive phone systems. In addition to the basics: caller ID, call waiting, logging ... they support functionality ranging from music on hold through to auto attendant, call recording, answering, paging, push to talk ... In fact they compare favorably with small business VoIP PBX systems that cost significantly more and don't address the issues of mobility or hands free operation.

It's a contest between a Panasonic and an AT&T 4 line phone system. They offer almost identical functionality, but use different technologies and have one overriding difference that's the decider for most prospective users - cordless phone range.

Panasonic KX-TG4500B
ATT SB67118
AT&T SB67118 SynJ
Max. handsets
Headset jacks
Max. mailboxes
Music on hold
Call recording
Speakerphones base & handsets
Answering system
100 minutes
180 minutes
Phonebook directory
100 #'s
100 #'s
Range extenders
up to 6 repeaters
Base corded handset
Battery backup
yes - optional
Cordless phone technology
5.8 GHz
DECT 6.0 phone

Cordless Phone Range

The key difference between the Panasonic and AT&T phones is their coverage or the effective distance between base station and handsets.

SB67118 SynJ Range Extender

The ATT SB67118 SynJ has significantly greater range than the Panasonic phone. It's a DECT 6.0 phone and supports the use of range extenders. Without them it has a range of 500 feet. With them it's range can be as great as 2900 feet or half a mile.

The Panasonic KX-TG4500B is adequate for a small office or large home environment where handsets are used within a radius of up to 200 feet from a base unit. Range extenders are not available for this phone so in situations that require greater coverage it's not a solution.

Other Points of Comparison

Until AT&T brought out the SB67118 Panasonic cordless telephones had set the benchmark in the 4 line phone niche. They are now up against serious competition.

1. The Panasonic KX-TG4500B has been around for years and a successor is well overdue. There are no other 5.8 GHz phones in the current Panasonic line up. They have all been superseded by DECT 6.0 phones. Either Panasonic has decided to throw in the towel or there is a new 4 line phone system on its way. We are inclined to suspect that Panasonic has shifted its focus to higher volume products such as Bluetooth and 2 line cordless phones.

2. DECT 6.0 technology is the recognized standard. It overcomes issues with interference, security, talk time and cordless phone range. It's also responsible for reducing the cost of manufacturing phones.

3. Both ATT and Panasonic systems have almost identical functionality with the exception of Push to Talk intercom (P2T), which is only available on the AT&T SB67118 SynJ. It's an invaluable feature in situations where customer service is a top priority.

4. The AT&T 4 line phone is more expandable (10 versus 8 handsets).

5. The SynJ's range extenders or repeaters not only increase range but can also be positioned so as to overcome issues with blind spots and multi-level buildings.

TL7600 Cordless Headset

6. Both 4 line cordless phones have headset jacks built into their handsets enabling them to be used as hands free telephones. The SynJ goes one step further in also supporting TL7600 cordless headsets.

Other 4 Line Cordless Phones

There is one other player (EnGenius) that targets a niche in the multi-line cordless phone market. The EnGenius Durafon Pro is a serious long range cordless phone (250,000 square foot warehouses or 3,000 acre ranches).


When it comes to small office phone systems a 4 line cordless phone system is hard to beat. They are excellent value for money and packed full of features. Furthermore they can be used with either a landline or VoIP phone service.

There are just two options to choose between. In our view the best 4 line cordless phone is the ATT SB67118 SynJ. It uses the latest technology, is more expandable and has greater range.

Top of 4 Line Cordless Phones

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