Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings

Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings

Our Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings will help you filter out the duds and find the best cordless phones. Whether you are looking for the best cordless home phone or ultimate 2 line cordless phone there are hundreds, even thousands of options. We can help you to zero-in on the best and compare them with the rest.

Best in 2017

In the hunt for the best cordless phones we continuously check out and review the latest models. With few exceptions they are better and cheaper than those released even a year or two ago.

The Best Cordless Phone?

The candidates are all DECT 6.0 phones. They are expandable cordless phones so you can start with two handsets and add more if the need arises. They draw hardly any power so you can talk for hours without recharging. Interference is almost unheard of and range is seldom an issue. Furthermore they are almost impossible to hack, so your conversations are secure.

What's Hot

Easy! The top sellers in 2017 are overwhelmingly Bluetooth cordless phones. Your cell phone or smartphone is Bluetooth enabled so it makes sense to have it pair with a cordless phone. Then answer or make cell phone calls using cordless handsets and get better cell phone reception. You can even get rid of your landline and go totally cellular.

Top IP Cordless Phone

... and 2 line cordless phones. Why sales of mult-line cordless phones have taken off we can only speculate. We suspect it's associated with consumers switching from landline to VoIP phone services, an increase in the number of people working from home and more innovatve phones.

Trend Setters

Early adopters are hooked on their cordless VoIP phones. Cheap international phone calls are the bait, but then they discover the convenience of a cordless phone that can text, surf the net, even post on Facebook.

Comparing the Alternatives

It's become a lot easier to compare cordless phones. Because the latest models are all DECT 6.0 cordless phones there is no need to ask about cordless phone frequencies. They are all on the same 1.9 GHz frequency that's dedicated to voice communication.

Does this mean that all DECT 6.0 phones are the same? Definitely not! There are major differences between brands and styles.

Best Brands

Panasonic Cordless Phone

There is an elephant in the room. Panasonic cordless phones are the Apple, Microsoft, Disney or Coca Cola of this market. But Panasonic doesn't make the top rated cordless phones in every niche. Uniden, Vtech, AT&T, Siemens, Clarity and others have staked out niches where they earn the best cordless phone reviews.

  • long range cordless phones
  • waterproof cordless phones
  • phones for the hearing impaired
  • 4 line cordless phones
  • corded cordless phones
  • cordless wall phones
  • ...

Cordless Phone Reviews and Ratings provides researched information to assist you in finding the right phone. Use it to avoid hasty decisions, expensive mistakes and hopefully find the coolest cordless phone.

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